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Our Mentality

At Eshed Music & Art, we celebrate of the profound connection music fosters among diverse cultures. As a dedicated Radio Promotion Agency, our mission is to amplify the voices of artists, sharing their music across geographical boundaries.
Our journey begins with a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of music. We recognize that every artist, regardless of their genre, possesses a unique narrative waiting to be shared with the world.

Why Choose Us

Tailored Services for Your Melodic Journey

Strategic Promotion

Elevate your visibility with our strategic promotion campaigns, meticulously designed to boost your presence both in the short and long term.

Radio Station Promotions

Make your dream of hearing your music on the radio a reality. Our dedicated team connects your compositions with radio stations.

Genre-Inclusive Support

Whether you're a Pop sensation, Classical music virtuoso, or Metal band member, our genre-inclusive approach ensures that your unique sound finds a home in the hearts of diverse audiences.

Nurturing Artistic Brilliance

We take pride in being able to shine the spotlight on the brilliance of your talent. Our team, driven by a passion for artistic discovery, invests time and effort to understand the intricacies of your sound. Through this understanding, we craft tailored promotion strategies that ensure your music takes center stage.
Our commitment extends beyond mere promotion; Eshed Music & Art becomes a partner in your artistic journey, offering guidance and support, and working with you to help you flourish in the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

Meet the Founders

Iina & Ace Eshed

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