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Personalized Indie or Alternative Music Promotion

Ready to elevate your Indie or Alternative music to new heights? Our personalized radio promotion service is designed to connect your songs with Indie/Alternative radio stations worldwide or in specific countries of your choice. We handle every aspect of the promotion process, ensuring that your unique sound finds its way to receptive ears.

Built Material

We create personalized digital flyers and optimize your song's metadata for radio play.

Individual Representation

We personally represent your song to FM/AM and online radio stations, engaging in direct communication on your behalf.

Customized Promotion

We tailor the outreach to align with your artistic vision, making sure your Indie or Alternative music stands out in the diverse and dynamic radio landscape.

Communication Updates

As intermediaries between you and the radio stations, we provide precise and timely updates throughout the promotion process.

Choose from our packages to meet your specific promotion needs


280 personal e-mails to Indie / Alternative Music radio stations Worldwide.


475 personal e-mails.
One correspondence follow-up to Indie / Alternative Music radio stations Worldwide.


670 personal e-mails.
Two correspondence follow-ups to Indie / Alternative Music radio stations Worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our personalized radio promotion process involves creating tailored digital material, representing your music to Indie/Alternative radio stations worldwide, and engaging in direct communication on your behalf. We handle everything from optimizing metadata to individualized outreach, keeping you updated throughout the process.
The "Built Material" includes a personalized digital flyer and optimization of your song's metadata for radio play. These elements are carefully crafted to enhance the promotional materials presented to Indie/Alternative radio stations, increasing the likelihood of your music being featured.
We act as intermediaries, facilitating direct communication between you and Indie/Alternative radio stations. Our team provides precise and timely updates, ensuring that you stay informed about the progress of your promotion and any feedback or interest expressed by radio stations.
In the advanced and premium gig packages, we go the extra mile by including correspondence follow-ups to Indie/Alternative radio stations worldwide. This additional step enhances the chances of your music being considered for play and increases the visibility of your songs within the radio community.
We understand the importance of timely communication. If a radio station expresses interest or provides feedback, we commit to informing you as soon as possible. Our goal is to keep you in the loop throughout the process, ensuring that you are aware of any developments related to the promotion of your Indie or Alternative music.
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